Ten production plants in Italy: we inaugurated a news site

24 April 2024  -  Corporate

On the 24th of April 2024, we inaugurated a new site in Trissino (Vicenza, Italy).The site is the tenth production plant of Pietro Fiorentini Group in Italy, and adds to the around 40 locations worldwide, where a total of around 2,800 people are employed.

The 3,000 square metre production plant will be entirely dedicated to the production of biogas upgrading plants and biomethane injection into the grid. Indeed, today the Group has expanded its horizons towards the development of technologies and solutions for a sustainable, digital world, with a particular focus on renewable energy projects.

Edoardo Piubello, Operations Manager of the Biomethane Business Unit, commented; “The news plant will be fully operational in the coming weeks, employing thirty colleagues from our headquarters. A number that will grow in step with the incoming orders: thanks to the experience we have consolidated in recent years, we are now able to position ourselves as a single point of contact for customers in this booming sector.”


The plant in Cella Dati confirms the ability of the Group to manage all phases of the process, from the design, construction, and installation to the maintenance of this type of system. Today, the system has the capacity to produce 1,200 cubic metres of biogas per hour, for a total of 600 cubic metres per hour of biomethane: the annual volume exceeds 4 million cubic metres.

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