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Water is an essential natural resource for human life and well-being. However, the increasing global population and water consumption, along with climate change, are putting pressure on the planet’s water resources. For these reasons, it has become increasingly important to adopt sustainable water management to preserve this precious resource for future generations.


Proper water management involves the use of advanced technologies that can reduce waste, monitor consumption, and use water more efficiently and ecologically. In this way, it is possible to contribute to greater environmental sustainability, as well as a reduction in costs and energy consumption.


The main difference between mechanical water meters and smart water meters is the technology used to detect water consumption. Mechanical meters consist of a rotation system that occurs according to the flow of water, while smart meters are equipped with sensors to accurately detect water consumption and send the data to a centralised management system.


Mechanical water meters have the advantage of being inexpensive and simple to install and use, but they have some limitations in terms of accuracy in detecting water consumption. In addition, they do not allow real-time monitoring of consumption and a detailed view of consumption according to different time slots or time periods.


Smart water meters, on the other hand, due to their advanced technology, allow to monitor consumption in real time and have a detailed view of consumption according to different time slots or time periods. In addition, smart meters make it possible to detect any water leaks in a timely manner, helping to prevent waste and reduce operating costs.


Pietro Fiorentini understands the importance of providing its customers with advanced, high-quality water consumption management solutions. For this reason, our product range includes both mechanical and smart water meters based on the best that technology has to offer.

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