Aqualog PQ Evo


AQUALOG PQ EVO is the data logger that handles every aspect of control and management of the water network, with monitoring and control of the pressure, flow rate and levels.

You can configure the PQ Evo to suit your needs.

AQUALOG PQ EVO is a multi-parameter IoT sensor that can monitor the pressure, flow rate and levels in areas that are difficult to access and where electricity is not available.

AQUALOG PQ EVO is battery operated and designed to require minimal energy.

  • Low power, at least 6 years battery life
  • IP68 protection
  • 4-20mA signals
  • “Discovery” mode to detect pressure surges Acquisition and transmission of data from the critical point (Real Time Critical Point)
  • PRV or inverter control with the modes:
    • Down-Stream PRV, Fixed Pressure
    • Day/Night
    • Flow Modulation
    • RTCP System: adjustment in relation to the pressure value at the critical point
    • RTCP System by Machine Learning Communication with local devices
  • Prevention of flooding with measurement of the level in spillways (The Wave)
  • Flow level for open channels (Level-X)
  • LoRaWAN Modem and NB-IoT Modem Connection to the control centre with GSM/GPRS/3G/4G communication


  • Pressure/level: 2 pressure/level inputs with piezoresistive sensor. 3 active/passive 4-20mA inputs for pressure, flow and level sensors
  • Flow: 2 Flow Meter inputs (max 100 Hz)
  • Level measurement for open channels: Level X ultrasonic sensor
  • Spillways: Overflow detection (The Wave)
  • Commands: 2 on/off commands for PRV / 2 digital signals
  • Input signals: 4/6** of 12/24 Vdc
  • Local communication: 1 RS485 serial port for connection to local devices. 1 USB port (optional). 1 Bluetooth port (optional)
  • Remote communication: 1 LoRaWAN IoT Modem / NB-IoT Modem*. 1 GSM/ GPRS Modem or 3G / 4G Modem. 1 radio modem (optional) 868 MHz
  • Antenna: Optional integrated internal – external antenna
  • Case: IP68
  • Certifications: CE
  • Environmental conditions: from -25°C to +60°C
  • Data acquisition: Basic acquisition time: 1” Basic storage time: 1’ – 1h. Maximum number of variables that can be acquired: 8 Maximum number of samples stored: 250000
  • Monitoring in real time: IoT – Cloud technology with LoRaWAN and NB-IoT Modem* “Always on” applications with external power supply. Test investigation
  • “Discovery” mode high frequency data acquisition (for investigation of pressure surges): High frequency data acquisition software module with sampling up to 125 times per second. Each pressure surge that is detected is saved and recordedfor up to 25 seconds. Up to 100 pressure surges can be stored on the device. The data can be saved in a CSV file (Use of this function reduces the battery life). Discovery mode requires use of the piezoresistive sensor.
  • Meters: 2 – Range: 32 bit. – Calculation of total consumption and of the flow rate
  • Calculation of the flow rate for open channels*: Calculation of the flow rate for Venturi and Parshall type open channels and Bazin and Thomson type weirs
    • level/flow rate for small open channels for the drainage of rainwater
    • flow rates of sources with Bazin type weirs or weirs of other geometrical shape
    • duration of overflow
    • overflow detection
  • Protocols and standards for remote communications: Modbus RTU / IEC 60870 / LoRaWAN / FTP / NB-IoT
  • Messages: Text / E-mail
  • Alarms: Signalling and management of alarms and events generated by exceeding the threshold and/ or reaching physical and logical states. Use of the message service for alarm notification.
  • OPC: Compliant via OPC server
  • Configuration: From PC via “Rainbow Configurator” Fast software
  • Integration with Aquaworks, Overland and Scada Siemens Wincc-oa: Direct via Rainbow Configuration
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