Cathodic protection monitoring


Pietro Fiorentini’s offer in the field of cathodic protection monitoring, besides including hardware and software products, is completed with a 360-degree monitoring service managed from our Rosate (MI) office.

In fact, Pietro Fiorentini’s Information Centre is based in Rosate, where it monitors and manages the data collected by the cathodic protection monitoring devices installed in the field, to provide full support to its customers.

Pietro Fiorentini has a cathodic protection test field, which allows to simulate different types of real scenarios by using complex plant configurations.

The test field has advanced tools for the commissioning and monitoring of impressed current and galvanic anode systems, and also allows cathodic protection simulations.

The cathodic protection monitoring test field has been certified by UNI EN ISO 15257 level 4 cathodic protection experts. The certification also allows us to use it as a facility for organising training courses for internal and external personnel, for the development of new applications and products, and to make it available to research organisations that request its use for tests, studies and measurements.

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