Aqualog T-CNT


AQUALOG T-CNT is a pressure controller designed to operate in the context of a water network organized in districts.

AQUALOG T-CNT also monitors pressures, flows, levels and temperatures.

AQUALOG T-CNT, given its rugged design, can operate in locations characterized by strong environmental difficulties and where there is not availability of electricity.
AQUALOG T-CNT, battery powered, is designed to operate in a very low power consumption.

  • Low power, at least 5 years autonomy
  • IP68 case
  • Hydro-valve control according to different modes:
    • Flow Modulation
    • Day/Night
    • RTCP System – Real time pressure regulation based on the values at the critical point
    • RTCP by Machine Learning
    • Closed Loop
    • Fixed Down-Stream Pressure
  • “Discovery” Mode for detection and description of “Water Hammer” events thanks to high frequency virtual logger
  • IoT via LoRaWAN Modem
  • Connection to the control center via GSM/ GPRS/3G


  • Pressure: 2 inputs from pressure/level/ultrasonic level 0-10 mt
  • Counters/impulse meters: 2 counter inputs up to 200 Hz (VFC)
  • Instruments: 2 inputs 1-5 V / 4-20 mA
  • Digital inputs: 4 DI VFC (expandable up to 8)
  • Signals: 2 DO O.C.
  • Communication:
    • 1 LoRaWAN IoT Modem. 1 modem GSM / GPRS / 3G embedded with external antenna
    • 1 radio modem 169 – 868 MHz (optional)
    • 1 USB Port
  • Power supply: Battery lifetime > 5 years in standard mode. Optional external supply 12 / 24 VDC
  • Environmental conditions: from -25°C to +60°C
  • Memory expansion: SD Card
  • Case: IP68
  • Size: 260x160x90 mm
  • Certification: CE
  • Data acquisition: Base Time Acquisition: 1”
    • Base Time Storage: 1’ – 1 h
    • Max. Acquisition Variables Num.: 16
    • Samples Max Num.: 250000
  • Real time supervision:
    • IoT – Cloud technology via LoRaWAN
    • “Always on” applications with external power supply
    • Step by step investigation
  • “Discovery” mode high frequency data acquisition (for “water hammer” investigations): High frequency acquisition software module for sampling up 125 times per second. The storage is activated to the detection of the “Water Hammer” that is sampled for 25 seconds deepness. You can be stored on the device up to 100 “Water Hammers”. The data can be saved in CSV format. (The use of this feature reduces the battery lifetime).
  • Counters: Max Nr. 2 – Range: 32 bit. Conversion to engineering units
  • Hydro-valve control adjustment modes:
    • Flow Modulation
    • Day/Night
    • Real Time Critical Point
    • Real Time Critical Point virtual – Machine Learning
    • Closed Loop
    • Fixed Down-Stream Pressure
  • Protocols and standards for remote communication: Modbus RTU / IEC 60870 / LoRaWAN / FTP
  • Messages: SMS
  • Alarms: Signalling and managing of alarms and events generated by threshold overcoming / reaching of both physical and logical states. Messages service for the alarms notification.
  • OPC: Compliant by OPC SERVER
  • Configuration: From pc using Fast software “Rainbow Configurator”
  • Integration with Aquaworks, Overland and Scada Siemens Wincc-oa: direct via Wizard
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