Aqualog Diana


AQUALOG DIANA the battery-powered data logger to permanently monitor:

  • Water Hammers
  • Pressure
  • Flow

This data logger allows pressure transients to be permanently acquired and recorded.
Equipped with geolocation and synchronisation with integrated GPS.

To monitor pressure, levels and flow in areas that are difficult to access and where electricity is not available. The product has, in fact, been designed to require minimal energy.

  • Low power, 2 years autonomy.
  • In extended mode 4 years IP68 protection
  • Discovery mode: of “Water Hammers” recorded as frames and of high frequency audits up to 48 hours
  • Data acquisition and transmission from the RTCP (Real Time Critical Point)
  • 4G cloud connection
  • Records stored of pressure, flow and level


  • Pressure/level: 1 pressure/level input with piezoresistive sensor
  • Flow: 1 Flow Meter input
  • Local communication: Bluetooth BLE5
  • Geolocalisation: GPS
  • Antenna: External
  • Case: IP68
  • Dimensions: PQ 80x175x60 mm – PQ PLUS 130x200x90
  • Environmental conditions: from -25°C to 60°C
  • Standard acquisition for pressure, level, flow: Basic acquisition time: 1” – Basic storage time: 1’ – 1h Maximum number of samples stored: standard 250000
  • “Discovery” mode high frequency data acquisition (to investigate “water hammers”): High frequency acquisition with sampling at 200 Hz. The “Water Hammer” event is saved locally. Up to 100 “Water Hammer” events can be stored together.
  • Supervision in real time: Real Time mode for step test activities
  • Protocols and standards for remote communications: 4G, Modbus RTU / IEC 60870 protocols
  • Messages: SMS
  • Alarms: Signalling and management of alarms and events generated by exceeding the threshold and/or reaching physical/logical states. Use of the message service for alarm notification.
  • OPC: Compliant via OPC server
  • Configuration: From PC via Fast Rainbow Configurator software – Bluetooth BLE5
  • Local use: Via Fast Rainbow Configurator software
  • Integration with aquaworks, overland karma: Direct via communication layer application (FAST)
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