The Totem has been developed by Pietro Fiorentini to offer to the users a dedicated product to complete the range of metering solutions.

It is a modular, non-intrusive, non-radioactive, inline system, providing real-time measurements of oil, water, and gas flow rates in whole flow regimes (GVF range 0-100%) without any separation or moving parts. It implements the latest state-of-theart technologies such as the Velocity meter and the Microwave WLR meter. It works in single-phase and in multiphase streams, accurately measuring in 0-100% GVF condition.

The flow rates of oil, water and gas are calculated combining the measurements of the differential pressure across the Venturi inlet and flow velocity to provide an even more reliable and robust measurement to our customers. The fluid velocity is measured by the Velocity meter and the mix density from the Venturi differential pressure. The Water-Cut is measured by the Microwave WLR meter.


  • Operating range: 0-100% WC, 0-100% GVF
  • Sizes: from 2″ to 14″
  • Design pressure: up to 345 bar
  • Design temperature: up to 121° C
  • Body materials: UNS 31803 (Duplex), UNS 06625 (Inconel 625), SS316 or Inconel 825
  • Communication interface: serial RS-422/RS-485 single/redundant or Ethernet TCP/IP (Modbus)
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