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Pietro Fiorentini.

A group with a purpose

For Pietro Fiorentini, being a purpose-driven organization is a commitment to shape a future where we thrive together with our stakeholders —making positive contributions to society, nurturing innovation, and fostering a culture of resilience and adaptability. It is the reason why we do what we do the way we do it, because for us it all starts with the reason why.

The journey of Pietro Fiorentini is a story of global reach and continuous improvement. With a mission to navigate and surpass boundaries, we have seamlessly expanded our presence around the world. Our commitment to achieving ambitious goals is reflected in our international spirit and dedication to excellence. This has been the case since 1940, when the company was established, with constant growth that today makes us a Group with over 2,600 employees spread across more than 40 international locations, with a strategic commercial presence in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Pietro Fiorentini Group

The Pietro Fiorentini Group’s subsidiaries and brands enhance our expertise across diverse industries while keeping our commitment to be the best partners for our long-term stakeholders in the natural gas and oil sector. From renewable energy to data management, from water cycle management to waste valorization, we deliver specialized knowledge to multiple application fields. The synergy of our diverse skills and technical proficiency enables Pietro Fiorentini Group to develop and industrialize innovative solutions.

Pietro Fiorentini SpA: The Heart of the Pietro Fiorentini Group


Pietro Fiorentini SpA represents the core of the Pietro Fiorentini Group. With roots firmly anchored in the treatment, transmission, and distribution of natural gas, we have played a fundamental role in the development of the international energy industry for decades. Today, we are actively committed to making the energy supply chain more sustainable by embracing renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen. We apply our expertise in gas network measurement and management to the water supply chain. We continue to lead innovation in the sector, promoting eco-friendly solutions for the benefit of future generations and our planet.

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