Kairos is the datalogger for the continuous remote monitoring of the electrical parameters of the cathodic protection systems.

Kairos is available both with battery power supply or with mains power supply to adapt to
all installation configurations: in all the test post conditions and in the Transformers/Rectifier
or Drainage cabinets.

The integrated communication module is able to connect in 4G/LTE or CAT-M network
technology (with fallback to 2G/GPRS).

Kairos is compliant to the international technical standards and measuring guidelines in the application of the monitoring of the effectiveness of the cathodic protection in metallic buried structures (ISO EN 15589-1, EN 13509).


  • Working temperature: from -25 °C to +60 °C
  • Daily statistics: daily data frame (Min, Max, Av, St.Dev., NAL+, NAL-, TFL+, TFL)
  • Statistics logging: 24h, sampling by seconds, elaboration by minute: 1440 statistics elaborations
  • Configurable functions: transmission interval, acquisition sampling times and elaboration
  • Memory: recovery of data stored in memory for up to 1 year (daily statistics)
  • Battery life: up to 3 years for battery supplied datalogger; up to 30 days for the external power supplied model (standard operating mode)

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