AQUAWORKS is an application software that assists the operator to immediately capture the most important events in water network: from the DMAs creation to the in-depth leakage investigation.


  • Multitrack charts show the trend of flows and pressures with special reference to nocturnal behaviors
  • Leakage pre-localization
  • Dynamic alarms calculated on drifts and tolerances of the chart traces
  • Alarm in case of exceeding thresholds
  • Signaling and graphical representation of pressure transients (“Water Hammer”)
  • Economic evaluation of the convenience of repair interventions
  • Evaluation of fault repair and operation recovery effects
  • Identification of the “Golden Week”
  • Possibility of making comparisons between different periods in the same district or on different districts
  • Interaction with intervention teams


  • Leakage estimation according to IWA standards, grouped by districts, aqueducts and geographical areas
  • District water balance
  • Macro-indicators calculation
  • Economic evaluation of the leakage annual cost
  • Statistics on the breakages frequency
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