Methane pyrolisis


Hydrogen is a key pillar to achieve the targets of the global decarbonization strategy, as it has a fundamental role in decarbonizing the Hard-to-abate industrial sector and in enabling renewables integration into the grid by sector coupling. Still, supplying hydrogen at low cost and in a sustainable way is a huge technological and systemic challenge.

The new technological frontier for this is turquoise hydrogen, generated from the methane pyrolysis (thermal decomposition), which is the breaking down of methane to produce hydrogen and solid carbon, a process with no emissions of carbon dioxide. This reaction occurs at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen.

Methane pyrolysis with X-nano technologies

X-nano, spin-off of Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and part of Pietro Fiorentini Group, has developed a special system able to simultaneously produce decarbonized hydrogen (turquoise hydrogen) and nano-structured carbon materials, applicable as electrodes for batteries and electrolytic cells.

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