Flowatch 3i


Multiphase flow meter Flowatch 3i fulfills the essential requirements of well testing as a simple device to constantly monitor output stream of each single phase. The Flowatch 3i is based on the 15+ years field proven technology platform of Pietro Fiorentini mutiphase flow meters.

Installation and maintenance of the multiphase flow meters have been developed to allow operators manage themselves their well flow monitoring device. In addition, the Flowatch 3i has essential advantage of not employing any radioactive source, avoiding every single documentation, importation and handling issues.


  • Operating range: 0-100% WC, 0-92% GVF
  • Size: starting from 0.5″
  • Design pressure: up to 690 bar
  • Design temperature: up to 150° C
  • Body materials: AISI316, Duplex, Inconel 625, others on request
  • Meter pressure drop: < 1 bar
  • Communication interface: RS-485/422 single or redundant (Modbus ASCII/RTU), Ethernet single or reduntant (TCP/IP)
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