Biogas liquefaction – Cryoupgrading


When the grid is not available and biomethane has to be efficiently transported or used as transport fuel in heavy-duty vehicles, it can be converted into liquid form and become bio-LNG. Biogas liquefaction, indeed, allows for efficient storage, transportation, and distribution of this valuable resource through the so-called virtual pipeline, as an alternative mode to the traditional pipeline network.

Cryo Inox, part of Pietro Fiorentini Group since 2022, is an industrial and technological company specialized in advanced cryogenic technologies through the brand ADD Synergy. Cryo Inox is committed to sustainability and provides eco-friendly energy solutions for natural gas, biogas and biomethane, encompassing small-scale liquefaction, distillation, regasification, storage and truck loading plants.

Cryo-upgrading solutions by ADD

ADD Synergy provides solutions for direct biogas treatment through the so-called Cryogenic Upgrading (Cryo-Upgrading), meant to produce bioLNG from raw biogas.

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