Oil and Gas plants are complex entities. Handling all the aspects involved in treatment, processing, regulation and measurement of fossil fuels is a matter of knowledge that spans through dozens of different fields. Chemical, mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering are just some of the subjects involved in these massive projects.
The Human Resources Department of Pietro Fiorentini has gathered all the required professionals that cover these topics, and thanks to both decades of experience and adaptive management frameworks they can find a solution for the most demanding undertaking.
Modularization is considered the key factor for the successful implementation of those projects where the significant reduction of the site construction period is required or where the remote location does not allow to easily hire qualified personnel on-site. Modularization works are executed in a yard conveniently located nearby a harbour to ease transportation activities. The modules are usually supplied complete of steel structures, equipment, piping, instrumentation, electrical tracing, lighting and grounding materials, thermal insulation and painting. Cabling and cable trays are included within module’s battery limits. Hydraulic test and pre-commissioning activities will also be carried out at shop before modules delivery.

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