Overland Karma


Overland is the web portal able to monitor multiple installations of a water network.
The system collects the data acquired by the Data Loggers geographically distributed, saves them on a database located in a management center and displays them via web mode.

In native way it integrates with Aquaworks thus providing a complete and comprehensive support for smart network management.

Main functions

  • Integration with company GIS system
  • Management of all installations in the distribution network by organizing it in several districts
  • For small systems: data monitoring such as pressure, flow, level, water qualitative analysis, cathodic protection. For the medium and large systems: acquisition and control for pumps, valves, tanks, membranes, ecc.
  • Reporting of all anomalous situations in alarm mode
  • System synoptics
  • View the data collected by the RTUs by daily or time ranged trends. You can also download the data to your PC for further processing through spreadsheets
  • Alarm or anomalous event reporting to the staff responsible by sending e-mail/SMS, in order to allow the quick and decisive action on the system in alarm
  • Management of maintenance interventions and interface with company ERP system

System architecture

The hardware and software system includes:

  • The geographic distribution of remote control devices Data Logger dedicated to the acquisition of the necessary data to monitor plant
  • The software modules necessary for the management of remote devices
  • A central database for data recording (the database can be installed on a server of the Client or End User, or managed directly by Fast hosting service)
  • A Web Server where the user interface application resides (also in this case, the support can be provided by Fast hosting service)
  • The software operates with a collaborative philosophy so its functions can be invoked by other applications

The WEB interface software allows the user to access data everywhere, just to have an Internet connection, without the need to install additional software on the PC.

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