Dosafit – Electronic odorizing system


Based on the principle of controlled injection of odorizer, Dosafit is the electronic odorizing system by Pietro Fiorentini that relies on gas pressure instead of relying on separate injection pumps.
Dosafit is usually paired with OLF, the lapping odorizing system that stores the odorizer and acts as a backup in case of failure.
Dosafit guarantees:

  • a constant odorization rate over time independently from variations in the gas flow rate;
  • control and metering of the quantity of odorizer liquid put into the pipeline by the capacity level;
  • remote display of the actual odorizer level in the lapping odorizing system;
  • automatic intervention in the event of failure and/or power blackout;
  • possibility of transmitting all the distribution data and alarms through the phone line.
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