Waste valorisation

From waste to resources

The commitment of Pietro Fiorentini and all the companies of the Group is to give value to all resources. Precisely for this reason we consider the valorisation of waste, from refuses to resources, a fundamental issue for which we are able to propose solutions along the entire waste management chain.

Sartori Ambiente, a company of the Pietro Fiorentini Group, develops products and technological solutions for the environment. Compost bins and household and urban containers are placed at the beginning of the waste life cycle, while the collection and transport phases see the company active with hardware and software solutions that include the development of tags and systems for monitoring collection and geolocation of the fleet of waste collection and transport vehicles.

Organic waste can also be used as a source of energy production: biogas can be obtained from organic waste which, suitably treated in upgrading plants, becomes biomethane ready to be injected into gas networks or to be liquefied, stored, and transported.

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