Gas filtering units


The stream of natural gas spans from the wellhead to the doorstep of each single end user, and the first task of each company operating along this path is to grant safety in each step. Ensuring a reliable gas transmission and distribution means injecting clean gas along the pipeline.
Gas filtering units by Pietro Fiorentini are designed to meet customer specifications and use the most suitable technology for every situation, such as:

  • gravity separation, where different phases of a mixed stream decant and form interface levels between phases due to gravity;
  • impingement separation, where a drop of liquid hits an obstacle and adheres to it, coalescing with other droplets;
  • centrifugation separation, where rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids and fluids (cyclones);
  • coalescing separation, where small droplets of non-gaseous media are removed from the gas through elements such as fiberglass cartridges.
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