CO2 recovery and liquefaction


CO2 liquefaction is the process of converting gaseous carbon dioxide into its liquid form, making it a versatile and transportable resource. This transformation allows for efficient storage, transportation, and utilisation of CO2 in various applications.

CO2 liquefaction plays a crucial role in carbon capture and storage initiatives. By capturing CO2 emissions from industrial processes, we avoid releasing that CO2 into the atmosphere, thus not incrementing GHG concentration. The subsequent step of CO2 liquefaction allows for different kind of usage: from safe transportation and permanent storage underground or in depleted oil and gas reservoirs, to its integration into various industrial processes.

As Pietro Fiorentini, we can integrate CO2 recovery and liquefaction systems with upgrading plants. This allows to capture and transform the off-gas coming from biogas upgrading into high-quality valuable product. With the use of advanced technologies such as membrane upgrading and a new distillation process, our systems can successfully purify and liquefy CO2 avoiding methane slip form the upgrading process. The final product is liquid food-grade CO2 that can be used in the food and beverage sector as a green substitute of the fossil CO2 previously used.

CO2 recovery and liquefaction by ADD

The solutions developed by ADD Synergy embrace the entire CO2 value chain. Our advanced CO2 liquefaction plants comply with stringent safety and environmental standards and employ cutting-edge technologies to optimise energy efficiency, reliability, and purity of the liquefied CO2 produced.

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