Our purpose

We value resources. Together, today and for future generations.

Since our inception, we have been providing solutions across the entire value chain of the Oil & Gas industry, but we did not stop there. Our planet and society are undergoing monumental changes, and we enthusiastically embrace these challenges as extraordinary opportunities to grow and improve, expanding our area of expertise to renewable gases, water networks, data management and environmental management.

An increasingly complex organization, with growing synergies to explore and navigate, requires a comprehensive vision. It requires a common purpose.



We value resources. Together, today and for future generations.

This is the reason why we exist as an organization. For us, this is much more than a statement; it is a concrete commitment that will guide every action and decision we make, a beacon that will light our path as we adapt to the changing dynamics of market and society.

The meaning of our purpose

Our purpose is a declaration of commitment from each of us, taking accountability for every step we take. “We” signifies our collective responsibility, while “Value” highlights our recognition of the importance of continuous improvement, a principle rooted in our DNA since our Lean journey began in 2000. “Resources” extends beyond natural gas and oil to include biomethane, hydrogen, e-fuels, water, environmental management and digital data. Achieving our goal requires working “Together” as a unified Group with all stakeholders—suppliers, colleagues, collaborators, customers, and advisors—moving towards the same destination. Our focus is on “Today and for future generations,” exploring the potential of tomorrow’s energy vectors while promoting the conscious consumption of current resources.

Being a purpose-driven organization

Being purpose-driven means making our purpose tangible and actionable: it is really about taking stands, declaring challenging goals, and working tirelessly to achieve them.

We have outlined concrete steps towards realizing our purpose, starting with the identification of material topics and the establishment of measurable goals from the sustainability report. In the pursuit of our purpose, we are committed to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, accountability and transparency, with the hope to inspire others to follow suit.

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