Sustainability report


Technologies and solutions for a digital and sustainable world: this is the responsibility that guides us and the commitment we strive towards in our everyday work. Consistent with our new purpose, we started a structured programme to identify the main areas in which the Group’s activities can have the greatest impact on environmental protection and the well-being of communities, consumers and all stakeholders involved. The results of this analysis led to the identification of our material issues.

The indicators (KPIs) set out in the matrix and linked to the ESG dimensions are presented in our sustainability report, a statement that provides a complete representation of Pietro Fiorentini’s activities and its commitment to people, environment and business transparency, with the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable success.

No company can truly call itself “evolved” without rethinking its organisational and operational practices by adopting responsible behaviours. Our aim is to create shared and sustainable long-term value for the organisation, the stakeholders and the whole context we operate in, by investing in training and safety, sharing our knowledge for the development of the territory and minimising the environmental impact of production activities.


Our sustainability report represents the natural evolution of a path of continuous improvement that has always been at the core of Pietro Fiorentini Group’ strategies, which can only be pursued through the synergy among technology, innovation and human capital.


Because we have countless opportunities to create our future, yet only one planet on which to live it.



Download Pietro Fiorentini’s 2022 Sustainability report


Download Pietro Fiorentini’s 2021 Sustainability report


Download Pietro Fiorentini’s 2020 Sustainability report

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