The Materiality Matrix

Our sustainable development priorities

The United Nations 2030 Agenda has identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for organisations, which represent the routes to take to overcome the complex environmental, social and organisational challenges of our time.

These goals are an important reference point for the international community and are being increasingly taken into account by companies in their medium-to-long-term business plans.

A responsible company is one that voluntarily adopts a strategic approach based on managing relationships with all stakeholders. That is why one of the first steps we took was to discuss with our stakeholders in order to identify the guidelines that will direct our path to sustainability.

We then reached out to our external stakeholders, including:

  • clients
  • lenders
  • suppliers
  • trade associations
  • regulatory authority
  • training bodies
  • local communities

by asking them to complete a questionnaire designed to highlight the issues that are most relevant to them.


The intersection with a mirror analysis on material issues carried out internally within the company between managers, shareholders and employees, allowed us to create the Materiality Matrix, a summary statement that will guide us in undertaking ESG projects that best meet both the needs of external stakeholders, as well as the strategies and objectives of our Company.


Our relationship with stakeholders will always remain a central pillar of our sustainability journey, in order to further refine the perception of their expectations of the Company and invest in projects of greater value for all.



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