Digitalising the water cycle

Within the water cycle coexist a wide number of different and complex systems, requiring thousands of control points and simple installations of valves or sensors, characterized by a limited but important number of signals. Therefore, automation tools (PLC, SCADA, DCS) and remote-control systems need to be fully integrated for an effective service management.

The application of IoT technology enables the strategic management of the water cycle thanks to widespread diffusion of sensors and a large-scale availability of information accessible from cloud.

The Pietro Fiorentini Group offers hardware and software solutions for the complete control of water networks at every stage of the process, avoiding the problems of overlap and integration that arise from having to rely on different partners, but also flexible in offering specific solutions for specific needs.

Products and services are synergically integrated with each other, thus increasing performance and efficiency to the complete benefit of the customer.


Water is a primary resource, a fundamental need for life. Good water governance is a strategic responsibility from every point of view: institutional, environmental, economic. The goal is to move towards process automation through the digitalisation of water networks, thus achieving a better optimisation of resources, investments, and data management, with a business advantage for companies but also a social advantage for the communities.
Ultrasonic smart water meters

Ultrasonic smart water meters measure the volume of water used by final users and are also used to determine flow through a specific portion of the cycle. Water metering is a component of public water resource management aimed at monitoring and eventually reducing water consumption.

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Solutions for water cycle control and monitoring

Water cycle control technologies, data management solutions to support distribution companies in the processes involved in remote metering and remote management, on-field workforce management through satellite tracking: these are some of the solutions we can provide.

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