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Pietro Fiorentini’s contribution to the hydrogen chain

hydrogen pipes

Pietro Fiorentini began its hydrogen-journey in December 2018, by taking part in the Hy4Heat project conference in London. The United Kingdom has stated its goal to become fossil fuel independent by 2050 and achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions. The Hy4Heat project aims to verify the safety and technical and economic feasibility of replacing methane gas with 100% hydrogen within domestic/industrial networks.

The plan is divided into ten Work Packages, which are assigned to companies through public tenders. Pietro Fiorentini has participated in the tenders and been assigned two Work Packages: one to develop a domestic meter and one related to the development of auxiliary systems present upstream of the meter (pressure stabilisers, shut-off valves, and overflow valves). The two projects have allowed our Company to acquire expertise and confirm its presence in the emerging hydrogen market.

UK Hy4Heat programme: hydrogen smart meters and components for domestic use will be provided by Pietro Fiorentini

prototype of hydrogen meter

The prototype of the hydrogen smart meters by Pietro Fiorentini

In July 2020, Pietro Fiorentini was awarded a further tender in the UK, as part of the H21 project for the city of Leeds, to supply a pressure reduction station for a 100% hydrogen line used in the Spadeadam testing centre.

H21 Leeds City Gate Project

The station for the project H21

In Italy, to respond scientifically to the requests of the market, Pietro Fiorentini has been working with the aim of certifying its products for use with increasing mixtures of H2. Thus important collaborations with PoliMi were established in order to study the compatibility of materials by combining the literature with tests conducted on materials both in the best specialised laboratories in Europe and in-house.

Starting from May 2021, Pietro Fiorentini is member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, Established by the Directorate General of the European Commission for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs. The Alliance brings together all stakeholders who want to contribute to the development of a hydrogen supply chain that will support EU Member States in achieving the objectives of zero net greenhouse gas emissions set by the European Green Deal. Thanks to this membership, Pietro Fiorentini contributes to the round tables dedicated to the themes of production, transmission and distribution of clean hydrogen and its applications in the industrial, residential, energy and mobility sectors.

Pietro Fiorentini joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

In addition to this, Pietro Fiorentini actively participates in the main Italian and European working tables in the hydrogen field such as Hydrogen Europe, H2IT and Hydrogen Joint Research Platform. These associations aim to promote the advancement of knowledge and the study of disciplines relevant to technologies and systems for the production and use of hydrogen, opening up to an ongoing discussion with stakeholders in the supply chain to support government agencies in the definition of policies enabling the energy transition.

At the heart of the experimentation

In the past months, Pietro Fiorentini has intensified its strategy of collaboration with leading European testing centers to verify the readiness of its products, particularly for measurement aspects, which will play a strategic role in the context of blending different gases.

Despite a framework of regulatory uncertainty where certifying bodies and companies are taking the first steps to regulate the hydrogen sector, on July 11, 2022, Pietro Fiorentini saw its Mod. FE gas pressure regulator obtain certification for the use with mixtures containing up to 20% hydrogen. The certifying body is Bureau Veritas, a world leader in audit and certification services.

The Mod. FE regulator by Pietro Fiorentini certified for hydrogen by Bureau Veritas

On October 20, 2022, Pietro Fiorentini inaugurated its new laboratory for hydrogen experimentation, the Hydrogen Innovation Lab, located within its headquarters in Arcugnano (Vicenza). It is an innovation center completely dedicated to the study of hydrogen-related projects that aims to become a hub of excellence for Italy.

Pietro Fiorentini’s H2 laboratory

In addition to laboratory experiments, Pietro Fiorentini is also active in early field experimentations: it is industrial partner of Inrete Distribuzione Energia, a Hera Group company, for a project in which a mixture of methane and hydrogen has been introduced into a portion of the gas infrastructure in Castelfranco Emilia (MO). The products involved as part of this project are the NexMeter, the only meter on the Italian market already enabled to measure mixtures of methane and hydrogen, and the pressure reducing and metering station in the Castelfranco Emilia area, which can be seen within the TGR Emilia service (minute 0:35).

Hydrogen for civil use: Pietro Fiorentini participates with Hera Group in the first Italian experimentation


Hydrogen combustion does not release carbon dioxide, but rather steam, and it is easier to transport and store than electricity. This makes hydrogen the ideal ally for renewable energy production. Today, hydrogen can only be injected into the pipeline network and blended with natural gas up to certain percentages: we are commited to creating systems and devices that can overcome this limit.
How hydrogen is produced

Hydrogen can be produced in different ways from different energy sources, taking names that recall the environmental impact of production processes. Hyter, a company of the Pietro Fiorentini Group, has developed a new technology for the production of hydrogen with reduced environmental impact.

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Pietro Fiorentini’s Hydrogen Innovation Lab

Pietro Fiorentini’s hydrogen journey saw the achievement of an important milestone in October 2022 with the inauguration of the hydrogen laboratory, a multifunctional facility at the Arcugnano headquarters capable of producing hydrogen, gas blending and testing device readiness.

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