Solutions for water cycle control and monitoring

Within the Pietro Fiorentini Group there are many companies that develop solutions for the water sector; these solutions allow us to provide complete and integrated services to our clients.

The challenges posed by today’s world require solutions in which hardware and software are seamlessly integrated, so that real-time monitoring can be achieved to improve the efficiency of network management controls.

Internet of Things, satellite tracking and augmented reality are some of the technologies in which we continue to invest to evolve our offer.

Water cycle control technologies

Fast offers expertise and intelligent technologies for complete control of water networks at every phase of the process: hardware for regulating network flows and pressures and software developed for supervision and remote control thanks to IoT technology and data analysis systems.

Products and services are all integrated, thereby increasing performance and efficiency in the various service contexts: aqueduct, sewerage, purification, etc.

The solutions proposed by FAST combine remote controls and automation functions, creating an efficient management system that improves the service quality also reducing consumption and running costs.

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Data management solutions

Terranova is a leading software supplier for water, gas and electricity sectors. With many years of expertise within smart metering, workforce and smart grid management, the Company offers a wide range of software that can be tailored to meet even the most complex demands of the utility sector.

TAMM is a multiservice software system designed to automate the processes of remote metering and remote management of water (but also electricity and gas) meters in a smart metering scenario. The TAMM application is designed to support distribution companies in the processes involved in remote metering and remote management, in compliance with established functional, efficiency and security standards in different application scenarios (industrial, commercial, and residential).

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On-field workforce management

Arcoda is a company of the Terranova Group that develops technological solutions designed for managing workforces deployed on the ground, in order to continuously enhance the quality of services, while cutting back on time and costs. Arcoda products range from satellite tracking to the most modern applications of augmented reality: each software is engineered to best integrate corporate flows and assist businesses in their digitalization process.

The high level of innovation of all its solutions has made Arcoda an accredited partner of top-ranking international companies aiming to efficiently deploy their field workforce while looking constantly forward.

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Water is a primary resource, a fundamental need for life. Good water governance is a strategic responsibility from every point of view: institutional, environmental, economic. The goal is to move towards process automation through the digitalisation of water networks, thus achieving a better optimisation of resources, investments, and data management, with a business advantage for companies but also a social advantage for the communities.
Digitalising the water cycle

Within the water cycle coexist a wide number of complex systems, requiring thousands of control points and simple installations of valves or sensors, characterised by a limited but important number of signals. The application of IoT technology enables the strategic management of the water cycle.

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Ultrasonic smart water meters

Ultrasonic smart water meters measure the volume of water used by final users and are also used to determine flow through a specific portion of the cycle. Water metering is a component of public water resource management aimed at monitoring and eventually reducing water consumption.

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