From electricity to green gas

Power-to-gas technology exploits the phenomenon of electrolysis: excess energy from wind farms, photovoltaic fields and electrical infrastructure congestion is used to break the bonds of the water molecules and produce hydrogen.

Green hydrogen can be upgraded on site where there is consumption, for example in the automotive sector, or transported to the point of use via new dedicated infrastructure or, alternatively, using the existing gas network (up to permitted compatibility percentages).

This infrastructure is evolving so as to be able to accept increasing quantities of hydrogen that can be injected into the grid thanks to the use of blending systems. This is a technological constraint that can now be completely overcome thanks to power-to-methane (P2M) solutions.

In fact, we can convert hydrogen produced from electric energy into methane and water by making use of the Sabatier reaction by using an external source of carbon dioxide. This methanation process, which can take place via biological or catalytic routes, produces a valuable energy vector that has the same characteristics as traditional natural gas and can therefore be transported and stored in a similar manner.

If the carbon dioxide used is renewable in origin (biogas, biological fermentation processes, etc.), the green molecules obtained via methanation are considered to be biomethane.

Storage of renewable energy using Power-to-gas technology


Managing 'green electrons' over time and space is important to obtain as much energy as possible when renewable sources such as the sun and the wind are available. Power-to-gas, a technology that transforms surplus electricity into gas molecules that can be transported over long distances at low cost and can offer the possibility to seasonally store renewable energy, is the answer.
Pietro Fiorentini’s complete power-to-gas solutions

80 years of experience in processing natural gas combined with our commitment to the process of decarbonisation has driven us to develop complete solutions ranging from power-to-methane, to convert electricity into green gas compatible with the relevant infrastructure, to biological methanation plants.

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Successful projects

Pietro Fiorentini’s commitment to the development of power-to-gas solutions is reflected in cutting-edge projects in Italy and Europe, leading the company to establish itself as a reliable technology partner in the field of energy transition.

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