Renewable energies

Clean energy: a better future for the new generations

Pietro Fiorentini believes in a greener, more sustainable future that can also be affordable for households and businesses. This is why we are investing in projects aimed to alternative and renewable energies, targeting to decarbonization and defossilization of energy.

From plants for processing raw biogas and injecting biomethane into the grid, to systems and components designed to enable networks to use hydrogen, we provide integrated and customized solutions giving producers the guarantees they need to maximize the return on their investments. We also manage the supervision and remote control of systems to analyze data flows, providing security for end users and recognition of incentives for producers.

In addition to our core commitments, we continuously explore new avenues and technologies to expand our offerings and address emerging challenges in the energy landscape. Our dedication to innovation and sustainability drives us to push boundaries and pioneer solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also anticipate the demands of tomorrow.

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