Biomethane liquefaction


Biomethane liquefaction is the process of converting biomethane, a gas obtained from biogas upgrading, into liquefied biomethane. Biomethane liquefaction allows for efficient storage, transportation, and distribution of this valuable resource through the so-called virtual pipeline, as an alternative mode to the traditional pipeline network.

The innovative concept of virtual pipeline allows liquified biomethane to be transported over long distances, providing energy to remote locations, industries, and communities that were previously underserved.

ADD Synergy is a brand belonging to CRYO Inox, a company part of the Pietro Fiorentini Group specialized in the production of comprehensive solutions for biomethane liquefaction, that provides customised solutions according to the diverse needs of the customers. Among our expertise, we design and build biomethane liquefaction plants that utilise advanced technologies to optimise efficiency, reliability, and safety, ensuring seamless operation throughout the liquefaction process.

Moreover, we also provide customized storage and distribution systems to safely handle and transport liquefied biomethane. Our solutions encompass storage tanks, vaporizers, cryogenic equipment, and monitoring systems, ensuring a reliable and efficient virtual pipeline network.

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