Biogas upgrading


Biogas upgrading to biomethane is an innovative technology to convert biogas produced from renewable sources, such as livestock manure or agricultural biomass, into a high-quality natural gas suitable for grid distribution and transportation use.  Upgrading biogas to biomethane is an innovative and sustainable solution for renewable energy production, helping to reduce the environmental impact of human activities and promote the transition to a more sustainable energy system.

The process of upgrading biogas to biomethane is a complex purification process that aims to increase the quality of biogas by removing impurities and CO2 present in it. It can be carried out by various methods, such as compression, adsorption or absorption. However, one of the most widely used methods is separation by selective membrane. In this process, biogas is compressed and passed through a membrane that separates the methane from CO2 and impurities. The resulting methane is then collected and compressed and is named biomethane.

Our team of experts can offer customised solutions for all kinds of needs, from designing and building new plants to upgrading and expanding existing ones. We handle all stages of the process, from biogas preparation to methane and CO2 separation, to biomethane compression and distribution. With our state-of-the-art technologies and years of experience, we can guarantee energy efficiency and high productivity.

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