Carbon capturing and utilisation sector coupling (CCUS)


Carbon dioxide capture is the process of capturing carbon dioxide emissions from various industrial processes and preventing them from being released into the atmosphere. This technology helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding the CO2 emission and its impact on the environment. The captured CO2 can then be stored or utilised in various applications.

As Pietro Fiorentini Group, we give our contribution to CO2 utilisation by using metanation processes. MicroPyros BioEnerTech, part of PF Group, is one of the three companies in the world that has developed microorganisms for biological metanathion, called Archaea. Currently more than 70 different strains of Archaea are stored at -80° C to further develop their selection and cultivation. These microorganisms metabolise hydrogen and carbon dioxide into methane and water within an anaerobic environment, thus contributing to CO2 capture and utilisation via a totally green process.

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