Totem is one of Pietro Fiorentini’s non-intrusive in-line multiphase flow meters providing real-time measurements of oil, water and gas flow rates. Its ability to cover all multiphase flow conditions makes it the most complete measurement solution. Thanks to its compact size, low power consumption and remote control, it is particularly suitable for offshore platform, onshore and floating unit installations, even in isolated and unmanned locations.
The device combines measurements of dP (Venturi), electrical properties of the fluid (Impedance), total flow velocity (cross correlation and vibration) and water content in the liquid phase (MW) to determine the flow rate of each phase.

The radioactive model (type HS) also measures flow density, giving greater accuracy.


  • Operating range: 0-100% WC, 0-100% GVF
  • Sizes: 0.5″ to 14″
  • Design pressure: up to 5000 psi
  • Design temperature: up to 150° C
  • Body materials: AISI316, Duplex (22Cr & 25Cr), Inconel 625, Inconel 825, others on request
  • Meter pressure drop < 1 bar
  • Communication interface: RS-485/422 single or redundant (Modbus ASCII/RTU), Ethernet (TCP/IP)
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