Pilot-operated gas pressure regulators


The Terval is a pilot-controlled regulator for medium and low pressure suitable for use with pre-filtered non-corrosive gases.
This regulator is designed such that the devices listed below are fitted to a single unit :
•    The main pressure regulator;
•    The emergency regulator "monitor";
•    The slam shut valve.
Pilots, valve, seat of these devices are maintained independently.
With this solution it is possible to reduce the dimensions of the pressure reducing unit while maintaining all safety devices at the same time..
The regulator can also be fitted with a built-in silencer without modifying the body..
"Top entry" design allows  easy regular  maintenance without removing the body from the pipeline.
Two versions are available:

•    The TERVAL main regulator is of the fail open type while the monitor is of the  fail close type;
•    TERVAL R both main regulator and monitor are of the fail close type.


Technical data
  • Accuracy class
  • Closing pressure class SG
  • Design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Flanging
  • Maximum working differential pressure
  • Minimum working differential pressure
  • Outlet pressure range of Wd
  • Range of inlet pressure bpu
  • Available size DN
  • up to 2.5
  • up to 5
  • up to 25 bar
  • -10 +60°C (lower or higher temperature available on demand)
  • ANSI 150 RF or RTJ according to ANSI B16.5 and PN16/25/40 according to ISO 7005
  • 19
  • 0.45 bar
  • 5 mbar to 9500 mbar
  • 0.5 to 16 bar
  • 2"- 2"1/2 - 3" - 4"

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Discover our product range

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