Flowatch 3i: the multiphase technology by Pietro Fiorentini for the Kingfisher field in Uganda

05 February 2024  -  Solutions

By the end of 2024, Pietro Fiorentini will commission 22 multiphase flowmeters on skids in Uganda for the Kingfisher oil field in the Lake Albert Rift (Kikuube district).

The supply is part of the Kingfisher Oil Field Facilities Project, which will provide 40,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The field, owned by TotalEnergies, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Uganda National Oil Company, will be operated by CNOOC’s Ugandan subsidiary.

Pietro Fiorentini will be responsible for the production, delivery, installation, and commissioning of 22 Flowatch 3i flowmeters. These multiphase flowmeters are the model 3i, a product that is already well established and appreciated by the market and that do not use any radioactive sources. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to avoid safety and bureaucratic problems in their management, assuring precision.


Roberto Rossi, Sales & Business Development Director of Pietro Fiorentini, commented: “After installing more than 1,000 units worldwide, we offer our experience and know-how to a new project in which we are involved as a supplier of systems using the best available technology for very complex projects, also because of their geographical location.”

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Flowatch 3i

Flowatch 3i

Multiphase flow meter Flowatch 3i fulfills the essential requirements of well testing as a simple device to constantly monitor output stream of...
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