Pietro Fiorentini installed the two largest in-line MPFMs in the world

14 March 2020  -  Solutions

Pietro Fiorentini has confirmed to be one of the main players in the market of Multi Phase Flow Meter. In 2004, we entered this sector thanks to the first model of Flowatch.

We have invested with many tests in accredited labs and in the field, over the years. We have constantly promoted product improvement, and we have inserted innovative technologies. Those technologies, combined with the ones already in use, have allowed the expansion of the measurement range of our MPFMs and the improvement of the performances.


The MPFM has passed through several phases and now it is a modular and highly customisable product. This product is an optimal solution for the market in terms of cost and technology.
Totem is the most complete product that Pietro Fiorentini offers now for extended coverage of the measurement range. There are two variations of Totem, with and without gamma ray densitometer.


Thanks to the modularity of the product and to our ability to support clients in all stages of the process, we have obtained an important commission in the last few months, so that we installed the two largest MPFMs in the world in the Oil & Gas sector. The two ANSI 600 HS DN 14’’ Totems were sold to Saipem and installed on Eni‘s offshore platforms in Indonesia.


The collaboration with the client has been very close since the beginning of the offer phase and it was decisive in the design of the final product. And above all, this made possible to install the product on two already existing offshore platforms for which the client had planned an important upgrade.


From engineering to mechanical machining, up to the assembly and rigorous verification tests of these two giants (that had been done in Scotland at TUVNEL, which is the most important certification body in the world), all the phases of the project were challenges that the MPFM team di Pietro Fiorentini has dealt with its usual professionalism and competence.


The result is a product that has no equal in the world in terms of size and measurement capacity. Once again, Pietro Fiorentini has confirmed to be a Company of excellence in the engineering of technologically advanced products.

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