Dival 160 AP
Direct-acting gas pressure regulators

Dival 160 AP

Single-stage pressure-reducing Valves T y p e DIVAL 160AP.
For industrial and chemical engineering applications.
Suitable for natural gas and all non-corrosive gaseous media.


Technical data
  • Accuracy class
  • Available size DN
  • Closing pressure class SG
  • Design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Flanging
  • Outlet pressure range of Wd
  • Range of inlet pressure bpu
  • up to 5
  • 1"
  • up to 10
  • 85 bar
  • -10 °C + 60 °C
  • class 300-600 RF accordnig to ANSI B16.5.
  • 0,85 to 4,5
  • 1,4 to 85 bar

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Discover our product range

Discover our product range

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