We have great projects planned for the planet too

The respect for the environment, national and international regulations and the constant pursuit of the lowest impact of our production activities form the basis of Pietro Fiorentini’s commitment to achieving sustainable growth, which does not harm the world we live in.

Because we have a myriad of opportunities to create our future, yet only one planet on which to live it.

Aware of the centrality of the energy system in the path to reach the goal of carbon neutrality, Pietro Fiorentini has structured its business model coherently with the “three D” – Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization – by expanding its offer of technological solutions for the renewable energy sector. More in detail, Pietro Fiorentini’s commitment to energy transition is embodied into the development of new solutions for power-to-gas, hydrogen and biomethane, in growing investments related to the digitalization of energy networks and in the definition of a coherent M&A strategy.


In line with Agile principles, the Company has created two cross-sectoral working groups to explore new businesses related to the world of renewable energies: Green Gas Value Chain and Green Gas Network. The first working group aims to consolidate Pietro Fiorentini’s positioning in the production and efficient use of the new sustainable energy sources, to extend the value chain outside the perimeter of the natural gas infrastructure. The second group deals with the strengthening and efficiency enhancement of networks.


Innovation is part of the DNA of the Group. In any area of expertise, Pietro Fiorentini is constantly committed to promote and implement sustainable and innovative solutions. In particular, along with the development of solutions in the renewable energies field, the Group has added a strong commitment to favour a more efficient and sustainable management of the water supply chain, which todays takes the form of a complete offer for water metering. Moreover, there are projects dedicated to innovate the products supplied to its clients, with a view to increasing circularity and sustainability.


Regarding the environmental impact of its production activities, Pietro Fiorentini pays great attention to the monitoring and improvement of its sustainability performance in terms of waste valorisation, energy efficiency and water resources management.


In particular, 72% of waste is destined for recovery, with the aim of giving new life to the materials used. From a circular economy perspective, the Company works with its partners along the supply chain with the aim of reducing packaging quantity and using increasingly sustainable and easily recyclable materials.


Waste valorisation is a topic of growing interest for the Group. Through its subsidiary Sartori Ambiente and the companies of the Terranova Group, Pietro Fiorentini today realises advanced systems for the separation and collection of waste through hardware and software solutions that automate the inflow and analysis of data.


The sustainable mobility project continues with the aim of converting the company fleet to electricity, to ensure better performances in terms of CO2 and pollutants emission. In 2022, the figure of 25 electric cars has been reached. The company also promotes car pooling initiatives, to allow its employees to optimise their home-work journeys in the most efficient way, and encourages soft mobility, i.e. walking or cycling: employees who choose one of these two transport solutions are rewarded with cashback. The company’s aim is to promote these services even more to reach new users and keep loyal the active ones.


The Group’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact has led the company to obtain ISO 50001:2018 certification for its Arcugnano site, which regulates the requirements that an energy management system must have to enable companies to constantly improve their performance. Thanks to the certification process, several energy efficiency measures have been identified and will be implemented during 2023.


In 2022, the electricity used was certified as 100% from renewable sources with a guarantee of origin for the plants of Pietro Fiorentini, TIV Valves and Sartori Ambiente. To expand the perimeter of companies supplied with renewable energy only, the French company Gazfio also signed a new supply contract for 2023.


Water withdrawal, mainly related to production processes, was down 11% in 2022 compared to the previous year. The Group’s commitment to monitoring water resources will continue through periodic monitoring at all sites.

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