We have great projects planned for the planet too

The respect for the environment, national and international regulations and the constant pursuit of the lowest impact of our production activities form the basis of Pietro Fiorentini’s commitment to achieving sustainable growth, which does not harm the world we live in.

Because we have a myriad of opportunities to create our future, yet only one planet on which to live it.

Our environmental commitment is reflected, first and foremost, in our contribution to the energy transition process, with considerable investments in the digitalisation and efficiency raising of networks, in our biomethane production plants and in the development of technologies to enable the use of gas as a storage element for excess renewable electricity production, as well as projects in which we are committed to creating devices that are capable of enabling traditional gas networks to increase the allowable percentage of hydrogen blending.


We are involved in several solid projects on these issues, two of which are the Hy4Heat program supported by the United Kingdom and the LIFE 13 Green Gas Network project sponsored by the European Union.


Hy4Heat is the program with which the UK wants to test whether it is feasible and affordable to replace natural gas with hydrogen in commercial and residential buildings. This would represent a significant step towards the country’s declared goal of becoming independent of fossil fuels and achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. After being awarded one of the ten main tenders for proposals in 2019, Pietro Fiorentini is working on the creation of the first prototypes of hydrogen smart meters and has also recently been awarded two projects to study and produce components upstream and downstream of the meter. (“UK Hy4Heat programme: hydrogen smart meters and components for domestic use will be provided by Pietro Fiorentini”)


The LIFE 13 Green Gas Network, on the other hand, represents the contribution of Pietro Fiorentini, Terranova and RetiPiù to resolving the problem of expected leakage which occurs on natural gas distribution networks. The project involved the creation of a system made up of a physical device and a software infrastructure. The device measures pressure trends and reacts on the basis of the dynamic modulation profile previously developed by a control centre operator, thereby reducing gas leakage into the environment. The project has been nominated as one of the finalists for the 2019 LIFE Awards in the Climate Change category, the tool with which the European Union supports entities in their initiatives geared towards protecting the environment and the climate. (“The LIFE 13 project: a digitized, self-regulating and sustainable natural gas distribution network”)


However, being environmental also means reducing emissions from the production processes of our factories, increasing health and safety training, and improving waste management with a view to recycling and reducing unnecessary energy consumption. These are all things we have been doing for some time now and for which we have put in place in-house expertise to become even more virtuous.


Our e-Mobility project is also moving in this direction, designed in collaboration with Duferco Energia and Volkswagen, which entails the conversion of all 23 pool vehicles to electric power, which will be available to employees by mid-2021 and the subsequent objective of also converting fringe benefit vehicles to electric or hybrid power.


This is a commitment with few equals in Italy, which will help to drastically limit the emissions generated by traditional combustion engines used by company vehicles: for each of the 23 vehicles (this number is expected to increase, with a possible switch to electric vehicles for the fringe vehicles) the annual reduction in CO2 emissions is estimated at about 3.2 tons, in other words, the carbon dioxide absorbed in 12 months by more than 100 trees.

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