Pietro Fiorentini enters the share capital of SPI Consulting, a startup operating in the renewable energy sector

02 July 2021  -  Corporate

Pietro Fiorentini Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of 60% of the shares of SPI Consulting, a Desenzano del Garda (BS)-based startup operating in the renewable energy sector.
The remaining 40% will be kept by its founding partners Alberto Valli and Emanuele Castioni.

At the heart of the company’s production are EnStack and G-EnStack solutions, a range of electrolysers for hydrogen generation. With Enstack, hydrogen is produced through water electrolysis, using an innovative process that differs from any other on the market, based on anion exchange membranes instead of the common alkaline process or proton exchange membranes, which guarantees a series of technical advantages along with plant management costs reduction.

The use of electrolysers satisfies multiple needs in the energy transition process, such as the need to stabilise variability of electricity production from renewable sources, which is very often not aligned with the actual users’ needs, allowing hydrogen storage and consumption when needed, encouraging the emergence of energy islands not connected to traditional infrastructures, and finally guaranteeing the production hydrogen close to consumption points, thus helping to reduce harmful emissions.


“With this operation – says Sergio Trevisan, General Manager of Pietro Fiorentini Group – the Company continues its path of startups acquisitions that started with MicroPyros. We aim at expanding our offer of advanced technological solutions for the renewable energy sector, acting as an incubator hub for innovative solutions development in the field of energy transition.”


“Pietro Fiorentini’s entry into the company share capital will enable SPI Consulting to concretely take on the current and future challenges of the hydrogen market – says Emanuele Castioni, one of the two founders of the startup – As partners, but even more as researchers, we are delighted to have found an industrial partner who can help us growing towards new horizons. The challenge won’t be easy, but it will be very exciting. As for us, we will keep on researching in order to better develop our products and expand into new markets.”

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SPI Consulting, founded in March 2011, operates in the energy sector designing and manufacturing high-tech hydrogen generation systems for industrial applications. Over the years, the company has developed significant technological know-how in the field of electrolysis, developing its innovative EnStack solutions thanks to the expertise acquired both nationally and internationally. The main feature of the EnStack solutions is the use of anion exchange electrolytic cells, which allow technical and economic advantages in the hydrogen generation. Thanks to a modular approach with customised designs according to the application, EnStack solutions guarantee customers the best available results and can be used in various sectors, such as industry, mobility or isolated grid systems. www.enstack.tech


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