A donation for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

02 March 2023  -  ESG

The Pietro Fiorentini Group, through its subsidiary FioGaz, has donated one million Turkish liras (equivalent to about € 50,000) in favor of the victims of the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria.

In response to this tragic emergency, Pietro Fiorentini took immediate action to support the relief and rehabilitation efforts in the region, providing already in the first days a container equipped for housing, mobile toilets and first aid supplies which were delivered in the Adiyaman earthquake region. The company is also constantly working with the local customers to restore and stabilise gas distribution services, trying to bring back power and warmth to families.

As a company, we strongly believe in social responsibility and the importance of supporting communities in trouble, which is why we have decided to act in this situation helping the stricken areas to begin the reconstruction.  All those who wish can donate voluntary through AHBAP, a local non-governmental organisation that is working in the affected areas with its volunteers.


Further information and references for donating can be found at ahbap.org/disasters-turkey.


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