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Pietro Fiorentini

In every Pietro Fiorentini plant our experience lives in innovations and ongoing challenges that thrust us everyday towards the future.
We are in for a constant evolution, in line with our customers' highest expectations, in terms of quality and competitiveness.

We are the leader group in creating technologically advanced products and services for natural gas distribution and use, targeting our research on the coverage of all needs.

Our aim is to be a step ahead to the present, towards the finishing line, crossing borders. There is where we want to be, as a Company that has always improved its products, with a custom technology and an after sale service program always marked by a high grade of professionalism.

Mission & Vision


Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A is a leading company, operating on an International level, in designing, manufacturing and selling components, systems and services for the regulation and metering of natural gas with the goal of enabling and increasing its safe usage by distributors and consumers, with continuous improvement.


Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A wants to become a leading group at a global level in the production of technologically advanced products and services for the distribution and usage of natural gas, encouraging a clean and safe type of energy and pursuing continuous improvement to satisfy the highest expectations of its customers, in terms of competitiveness and quality.


Pietro Fiorentini has always been a main characterin the long path of oil and gas.

We have never stopped in our 70 years of experience: we always headed towards renewal, facing everyday challenges that have always driven us to the quest for a constant improvement, from projects to implementation, from our activities to our everyday life.

We head towards excellence with the certainty of commitment. the right men, at the right time, in the right place: this is our profile for our customers. Aware that every our service wants to create a benefit, offering in advance what will be requested, that is reliable products, lighting ideas, and a clear vision of tomorrow.

Our history, always headed towards the future, made us the leader group in the production of advanced services for natural gas distribution and exploitation, with 11 facilities all over the world.

We are capable to offer a wide range of production regarding electronics and metering. Manufacturing process, provided by the most advanced tecniques and equipments, granted us various qualifications.

We drive the change applying the most modern technologies to the dreams and hopes of new generations, and promoting the development of safe and clean energies, in the continuous improvement for a better future.

Company certifications

Pietro Fiorentini bears a number of certifications by prestigious third parties and notified body supporting the daily activities.

All activities of the company are covered:


Production sites

For all the people who count  on us, Pietro Fiorentini leads the way in the implementation of latest regulations in all directions: quality control, safety at work, environmental management and finally productos and production facilities. Not just rules, but paths to follow in our endless tension towards the best results.

Safety Mission

Pietro Fiorentini pursues the optimization of safety and health conditions in compliance of the internationally known regulations and implementations of the requirements expected by the system for security OHSAS 18001:2007.

It is our target face and solve problems consequent to the reaching of this goal:

  • using appropriate operative means;
  • creating a suitable environment to the proper performance of duties;
  • giving responsibilitis to all the operating personnell.
Our mission is to define and propose advanced and competitive solutions, based on the continuous improvement of all the productive processes, the quality and customers satisfaction. Everything according to regulations for workers safety, optimizing the use of both energy and resources and lowering risks on the work place.


Pietro Fiorentini is always sensitive to environment protection, an objective that can be reached only with effective actions and a constant commitment.

This is the reason that everyday makes us an active part in sustainable development with:

  • the construction of plats and products that minimize gas emissions in the atmosphere: natural gas, when burned, is one of the cleanest energies available; while, when released unburned, is an element that affects the Greenhouse Effect;
  • reduction of environmental impact in transport, distribution and usage systems of natural gas;
  • constant attention to the reduction of materials and energy waste during production process.;
  • low environmental impact wielding and painting processes;
  • ecological paint usage, that use demineralized and deionized water as thinners.
We are proud to be a low environmental impact Company. One of our best achievments is the more than 30% emissions reduction in the atmosphere of organic components, harmful to health, through the use of green products. This way we give our contribution so that future generations may live in a better world.

Our commitment will not stop here, and further benefits are expected from the extention of the environmental policies to all the Company processes.

Human Heritage

"Human resources are something above all measurement.
The power of these resources may extend with no borders when each single individual begins to think."

Taiichi Ohno (founder of Toyota system)

For Pietro Fiorentini, human heritage are a development engine.

A group, a team, a network: sharing is the key to successfully express ourselves. In every alliance, someone that is stronger than you might be stronger with you.

This is the reason why we keep on involving and motivating our team, so that they can improve performances and results, taking the maximum from the training opportunities proposed by the Company.


Pietro Fiorentini is aware that the objectives of a Company are reached only through the development of its human resources, working together with customers and respecting environment.

On this course of thinking and actions we created the Values Chart, the instrument to which everyone who works in Pietro Fiorentini look as a landmark to share the same vision and reach together the same goals.

Operational Excellence

Pietro Fiorentini has established the foundations of its success through continuous improvement. Our goal is to satisfy the highest expectations of our customers, in terms of quality and competitivity.

For us, operational excellence means to identify values of each individual within the company, the values of our partners and to organize resources in effort to reduce wastes that may interfere with their development.

To achieve this, we create a culture within the organization, based on the critical observation of Company processes, and on the daily pursuit of their development.

Operational Excellence is a continuous development of human resources in accordance with the values of the company, maintaining a qualified workforce that is able to identify needs of our customers and to realize and prepare for future challenges. 

Our Values

We have set ourselves the question: "What might make us feel a united Company, strong in the pursue of our objectives?".

The answer we gave was the drafting the Values Chart. Guidelines to pursue and share everyday, from all the Company categories: property, leaders, heads and representatives.

With our Values Chart we all committed to respect and enforce:

  • Reliability:
    Reliability means to respect commitments made punctually and at all times, in order to respond to expectations and generate trust.
  • Communication:
    Communication is to ensure that strategies, plans, objectives and information are transmitted in a precise, timely and synthetic manner. It also means transmitting to others the information necessary and useful for them to understand our business and what they can ask of us. It means making knowledge and experience available at the earliest possible convenience and in every circumstance, to provide adequate answers to our various counterparts. It means listening attentively and trying to understand other people’s points of view.Good communication means verifying the correctness of the contents of our message and ensuring that we are understood.
  • Excellence:
    Excellence means setting ambitious objectives, which can however be reached, in order to enhance our professionalism, generating value for ourselves and the company. It means expressing optimism and the conviction that we will achieve our objectives, attempting to transmit our will to succeed to others. Obstacles are faced and overcome. It means instilling relations with our counterparts in the various departments and offices, considering them internal customers. We offer them a service and it must be valid and punctual. It means making a commitment in measuring performance and achieving continuous improvement of our activities, to satisfy internal and external customers. Excellence means identifying errors and waste, to constantly implement immediate and adequate action to eliminate them.
  • Commitment in achieving results:
    To have commitment is to work with determination, both individually and as a group, in analyzing problems, proposing solutions and performing our duties. It means establishing priorities in the objectives to be achieved, together with our counterparts, coordinating responsibilities and available resources. Commitment means getting people involved and motivating them for change and continuous improvement of performance and results, getting the most out of the training opportunities offered by the company and controlling results, with the prospect of learning and development. It means bringing out and valorizing positive results.
  • Innovation:
    Innovation is having a positive attitude towards one’s own and others’ activities, to favor a climate of trust and creativity, receptive to new proposals. To innovate is to evaluate new proposals attentively and with openness, always providing a response relative to their feasibility and explaining the reasons. It means stimulating people to use their competence and optimize resources, as a function of the objectives agreed upon.
  • Teamwork:
    Teamwork is informing our co-workers and sharing objectives to be reached and the results obtained by the group, making a commitment to accept and implement group decisions. It means managing our activity and time, choosing the best actions in relation to group decisions and objectives. It means setting and applying guidelines to guarantee effectiveness and control of the group’s operational efficiency. Teamwork means actively participating in group activities, sharing information and knowledge and valorizing ideas.
  • Respect:
    Respect means being positive and courteous when we meet other people. To listen. To compare notes, even with those who have different visions and opinions from our own, and make a commitment to glean value added from diversities. Respect means to defend the dignity of persons and their work, with no distinctions due to sex, culture, race or origin.
  • Sincerity:
    Sincerity means always telling the truth, to anyone. When dealing with others, we refer only to information and facts, even in the event we are called upon to approve or disapprove their behavior. Sincerity means to speak of credible, demonstrable things, in respect of others’ ideas, and having the courage to face unpleasant subjects.

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Management, organization and control model under Italian legislative decree n. 231/2001

The Italian Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001 (“Decree”) introduced in the Italian legal framework the rules concerning the administrative liability of the Entities (legal persons or other associations even without legal personality) for given types of crimes, explicitly mentioned in the decree, committed in their interest or to their advantage by natural persons carrying out representative, administrative, executive, managerial or supervisory functions in the involved entity or being subject to the supervision or direction of the same.
Pietro Fiorentini s.p.a. adopted its management, organization and control model (“Model”), in order to establish a well-structured and consistent system of guidelines, operating procedures and control activities intended for all those acting in the name and on behalf of the company or individuals who have relationships of cooperation with the Company outside of salaried employment, whether long-term or occasional (“Recipients”). The aim was to have these people behave in a proper and clear manner in the execution of their tasks, in order to prevent the commission of the types of crimes mentioned in the decree.
The Model allows all parties who become aware of information relating to the commission of crimes or circumstances and/or conduct that is not in compliance with the rules of Code of Ethics as well as the principles of conduct and executive procedures for conducting Sensitive Activities regulated in the Model, to make spontaneous reports to the Supervisory Body. These reports may be sent, preferably by means of the form Reports to the Supervisory Body, by
Regular mail to:
Organismo di Vigilanza (Supervisory Body) di Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A.
Via E. Fermi, 8/10 - 36057 Arcugnano (VI) Italy
E-mail to: organismodivigilanza231@fiorentini.com
(For sales/commercial enquiries, please use this form)
Report box “Organismo di Vigilanza (Supervisory Body)” set up at the various production areas and offices of the local Fiorentini facilities/units.
Reports may also be made anonymously.

Pietro Fiorentini Organization, management and control form download – General Part (ITA)
Pietro Fiorentini Organization, management and control form download – General Part (ENG)
Pietro Fiorentini Supervisory Body name download (ITA)
Pietro Fiorentini Supervisory Body name download (ENG)
Supervisory Body reporting (ITA)
Supervisory Body reporting (ENG)

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