Sustainability for Pietro Fiorentini

Our commitment to the world of tomorrow

The issues of environmental, social and governance responsibility are certainly not new to the Pietro Fiorentini Group, which has always taken not only its clients, but the community in general, into great consideration.

Being sustainable for Pietro Fiorentini does not mean merely meeting legal obligations, but rather to go further and invest in protecting the environment, human capital and in business transparency, in a perspective of innovation and continuous improvement.

With the aim of better meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, both internal and external, here at Pietro Fiorentini we have created the ESG department, which has been tasked with monitoring and coordinating ESG projects and, on a yearly basis, drafts the Sustainability Report. It was also with this scenario in mind that we decided to update our Purpose (the fundamental purpose of the Company), our Vision (the dream and motivation that guide us) and our Mission (our long-term declaration of intent) that form the core of our Company’s guiding compass, and to model the values and principles that guide our day-to-day activities.


While in the past we limited ourselves to providing products, systems and services for the oil & gas sector, today we want to broaden our horizons and create technologies and solutions for a digital and sustainable world, with a particular focus on renewable energy projects to help make the most of our planet’s resources and create a future in which the younger generations can grow and prosper. The time has come to put the why we operate before the what and how we do it.


Technologies and solutions for a digital and sustainable world


We aim to play a leading role in sustainable development and promote a more responsible use of resources through the synergy between technology and human capital


We operate on an international level with high-tech solutions for energy and utilities sectors, putting the customer at the centre of a highly efficient model able to create sustainable value

Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This is an outlook that is now an integral part of Pietro Fiorentini’s very make-up: we put it into practice every time we analyse a process or a product and we aim to improve it according to the principles of Lean and Agile methodologies.


Today we want to use this model to help build a better world for our clients, all our stakeholders and the younger generations.

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