Two Italian companies, Pietro Fiorentini and Terranova, keep contributing to the gas network modernisation process of the Republic of Uzbekistan

25 October 2021  -  Corporate

Fuels resources, supply and distribution networks are the basic infrastructure of Uzbekistan: through them it is possible to ensure energetic independence as well as economic and social reforms. In the last 5 years these infrastructures witnessed a development boost, attracting the best foreign knowledge and technology. This development is contributing to tackle  global-scale issues such as energy saving, ecological equilibrium conservation, digitalisation, investments attraction and international cooperation strengthening.

This development is contributing to tackle  global-scale issuesThe deployment of an automatic system to monitor and meter the natural gas is a perfect example to illustrate this leap forward: new smart devices more accurate than the traditional ones have been introduced, in a project where leading Uzbek companies are cooperating with world top firms such as Pietro Fiorentini and Terranova.

Mr. Cristiano Nardi, President of Pietro Fiorentini Group, says: “Uzbekistan, under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, is carrying out a large-scale transformation in the energy system, employing the most advanced technologies to modernise the gas networks. At the moment, the country is already producing a new generation of smart gas meters. Texnopark LLC built in the city of Tashkent, in a short time, a plant able to manufacture more than 3 million meters per year. Started in 2019, this project is  a cause of satisfaction for Pietro Fiorentini and Terranova both.”


The high quality and the competitive price of the product, allowed Texnopark LLC to win the contract with Khududgaztaminot JSC, the main gas company in Uzbekistan, for the introduction of an automated metering system in the Country.


In the last 17 months more than 2.1 million smart meters have been produced and deployed, all equipped with Italian technology. The project envisages the deployment of a total of 4 million smart meters, managed by a unique software platform, attracting an overall investment of more than 400 MLN Euros.


Thanks to the agreements and the great cooperation reached among the Italian and Uzbek players, the results went beyond all the expectations. This project strengthened  the gas supply quality and safety for the final users, while, moreover, the introduction of an automatic billing system and the adoption of a pre-payment system, improved the financial discipline of the citizens. Such great achievements are allowing the Uzbekistan transition towards a green economy. In particular, one of the most important biproduct of the rollout of gas smart meters has been the dramatic reduction of gas leakage and shrinkage in the last year as a consequence of lower consumption by more responsible users.

The second phase of the cooperation between Pietro Fiorentini and Khududgaztaminot JSC will aim at improving the quality and continuity of the gas supply, thus eliminating the supply interruptions in the Country internal networks. This phase already started with the deployment of the first modern stations for gas pressure monitoring and regulation , in the Shaykhantaur district in Tashkent.


Even in this early phase of the project, the residents of this district are already able to appreciate some positive results such as the supply stability, the elimination of pressure drops and the possibility to regulate the supply. Thanks to these important results, these innovative stations will be deployed in other districts of Tashkent in the near future.


“Uzbekistan is working on a large scale, with a very rapid pace and with an extraordinary efficiency – continues Mr. Cristiano Nardi – What we have here is a unique project as per international standards, and we are gratified by the role we play in this. I would like to take this occasion to thank the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Italy, who is constantly supporting the realisation of high-tech industrial projects that, thanks to the commitment of our partners Texnopark LLC and Khududgaztaminot JSC, will bring the Uzbek energy system to the highest standard in terms of service and efficiency.”


Mr. Alessandro Vistoli, Terranova’s CEO, says: “For the President of Uzbekistan, Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the digitalisation and the introduction of advanced technologies in all the sectors of the state and the society, are one of the keys to the development of the Country. Thanks to the cooperation with international leading companies, the present brings already projects that will convey extraordinary results. I think the rollout of the control system for the automatised gas metering is one of these extraordinary projects because it is implemented employing the best international know-how in the sector.”


Terranova supports completely the digitalisation of the network, supplying cutting-edge technologies  used in the most innovative countries in Europe to allow a more conscious and ecological usage of natural gas. The cooperation with Khududgaztaminot JSC made possible to jointly develop and to  launch of a new automatic system called Askug Billing, used to ensure transparency and correctness in all the payments made by the consumers.


“We will keep supporting the improvement of the gas network management through the supply of technologies for the real time management of the pressure metering systems – Mr. Alessandro Vistoli adds – Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, our platforms will open up to future opportunities to automate the processes of the whole gas sector. By implementing all these innovative automatic systems, Uzbekistan will become a leading country in the natural gas industry.”


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