Pietro Fiorentini pioneer in the development of NB-IoT technology

22 May 2020  -  Solutions

One of the leading global providers of information and communications technology Huawei has recently released a video celebrating the achievement of 100 million of NB-IoT connections, where Pietro Fiorentini is referenced as the Gas Metering partner in the development of this data communication protocol.

The video is available on Pietro Fiorentini’s YouTube Channel.

Pietro Fiorentini has been one of the pioneering companies that since 2015 (five years before the commercial use) has worked to transform ideas into reality.

Taking part in this project, we have achieved several goals:

  • our plant in Rosate (Milan), was the selected location for the first NB-IoT bay station in Europe;
  • to complete our trials, Rosate area was the first to be served by TIM, Vodafone and WIND;
  • we built the first gas meter with NB-IoT technology in the world;
  • we produced the first NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter to comply with EU Directives for commercial use.

In this international project, Pietro Fiorentini has been a pioneer in NB-IoT for Smart Meters and has helped to develop and improve one of the most recent revolutionary technologies in the telecommunications sector.


Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a low power wide area network technology developed to enable communications between objects (IoT) like dog collars, bicycles, alarm systems, household appliances and water and gas meters.


In the upcoming years, this technology will replace the 2G and GPRS standards that most systems use today. NB-IoT focuses on indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life, high connection density and native integration with 5G. For these reasons, we are producing smart meters ready for future networks.

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