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For gas companies, infrastructure and customers safety has been paramount from the beginning. Since the 80’s natural gas full relief venting as a over pressure protection solution has been gradually abandoned and banned from most of the countries around the world supported by national regulations and industries practices.

Nowadays, in an evolving scenario where the environmental factor has become a key part of the equation and for the newest PHMSA recommendations, there are several options available to protect pipeline system and customers from over pressure event without gas release into the atmosphere.

These options are described in detail in our white paper “Over pressure protection current practices on low pressure distribution network and new requirement to minimize gas venting from PHMSA”, which we encourage to read in full and to contact us to evaluate the best options available for your specific needs.

Pietro Fiorentini product’s roster to fulfill the requirements

Option A:

To add a secondary over pressure protection thru a full relief safety valve to the existing DRS.

Pietro Fiorentini does not support the usage of full capacity relief valves, either for latest PHMSA recommendations and for the relevant environmental impact.

Option B:

To add a secondary over pressure protection using a slam shut valve (SSV).

When in conjunction with a worker/monitor regulator set up at the DRS, the SSV will stop the flow of gas when these two regulators
have failed.


PF solutions


  • Stand-alone slam shut valves
  • Slam shut valves in-built on regulators

Option C:

To add a secondary over pressure protection on the house or commercial meter set, using a regulator with an SSV.

The SSV of the meter set will shut off the flow of gas only after the home or building’s regulator has failed.


PF solutions


Option D:

To add an over pressure protection system using an SSV, to the existing house or building meter set, that is protecting the home or business.

The SSV will stop the flow of gas after both the worker and monitor upstream have failed.


PF solutions


The plant

Pietro Fiorentini USA is the North American operation and production facility of Pietro Fiorentini Group. Strategically based in Weirton (WV) the manufacturing area is covering 30,000 sqf on a 32 acres property suitable for further expansion. The new plant, build from scratches to incorporate the 20 years’ experience of lean manufacturing of the Group, operates since 2019. While promoting diversity, gender equality and supporting the local community, Pietro Fiorentini USA is considered among the top Pietro Fiorentini Group’s subsidiaries operating worldwide.


Here below the location of some of the major US gas utilities already using the above solutions to protect their systems:

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