Pietro Fiorentini Group inaugurates a new Company in Shanghai

16 July 2020  -  Corporate

The new branch of Pietro Fiorentini Group has been officially established on the 26th of December 2019. It is located inside Shanghai Fiorentini and its production will start in the last quarter of 2020, to reinforce the Company’s presence in the Asian market to support Italian shipped quantities.

From the union of the words wang, hope for the future, and ran, symbol of energy, the name adopted for the branch is Wangran, that means a new hope for the future of energy.


According to our Local for Local strategy and the Customer Centricity principle, the plant will respond to demand by producing on site. Wangran will support Shanghai Fiorentini in covering new market segments, with products designed for local customers in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in order to counter the fierce competition that has developed in recent years, while at the same time improving the quality of service for Made in Italy products.


Being placed inside the company itself, Wangran will delivery directly to Shanghai Fiorentini lines, bringing the application of TPS, particularly Just in Time, to the highest levels.


Thanks to all the colleagues who hav been supporting our activities in the Eastern markets for 25 years, Pietro Fiorentini represent a well-known reality in the Oil & Gas industry. For example, in the city of Shanghai almost all the regulating stations bear our signature. Wangran will be the opportunity to introduce customers and prospects our way of working and the application of continuous improvement and Lean philosophy, factors for which we are already well known on the competitive field.


In addition, Wangran will benefit from a valuable technological ecosystem: the proximity to Huawei headquarters will allow us to grasp the technological trends in advance, as already happened for the development of NB-IoT in which Pietro Fiorentini has been a pioneer since 2015.

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