Synthesis gas, or syngas, consists of a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, with smaller amounts of carbon dioxide and methane. Depending on gasification process and input biomass, syngas usually also contains a variable quantity of pollutants, like tars, sulphur and other complex organic compounds. These latter pose significant problems and challenges related to syngas conversion systems.

Our biological methanation solutions allow to convert syngas with minimum pre-treatments and convert it into renewable methane, thanks to controlled biological reactions of hydrogen with carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The biology for this process is developed by MicroPyros BioEnerTec GmbH™, part of Pietro Fiorentini Group.

Biomethanation through microorganisms

Thanks to its long experience, MicroPyros owns 70 customized strains of Archaea, the microorganisms adopted to convert hydrogen and carbon oxides into renewable methane through a process called biological methanation.

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