Industrial metering


TGM Turbine Gas Meter is a kind of instrument for precisely measuring the gas flow, which is suitable for the measurement of all kind of gas in the fields of industry, such as natural gas, city gas, propane, butane, ethane, air and nitrogen, etc.


  • Carbon steel body
  • Pressure class: PN16 - ANSI150
  • Measurement range: 8÷6500 m³/h (8÷1600 m³/h EN12261-MID marking)
  • Rangeability: normally 1:20, 1:10 for G40 and G65; 1:30 on request for G100 and above
  • Oil pump for DN 200 and above included (oil pump for 80-100-150 on request)
  • Double low frequency (LF) and middle frequency (MF) emitters included
  • Up to 2 high frequency (HF) emitters on demand (DN80 and above)