Pilot operated pressure regulators


Aperval is a pilot-controlled pressure regulator for medium and low pressure applications.

Aperval is normally a fail to open regulator and specifically will open under the following conditions:

  • breakage of main diaphragm;
  • lack of sensing line connection.

This regulator is suitable for use with previously filtered, non-corrosive gases.



Range of inlet pressure bpu 0,5 to 25 bar
Outlet pressure range of Wd 5 mbar to 9500 mbar
Accuracy class up to 1%
Closing pressure class SG up to 5
Flanging 150-300-600 RF or RTJ according to ANSI B16.5 and PN 16 according to ISO 7005
Available size DN 1" - 2" - 2"1/2 - 3" - 4"
Design pressure up to 1,450 PSIG
Maximum working differential pressure 19 bar (275,5 Psig)
Minimum working differential pressure 7.25 PSIG
Design temperature -10°C to +60°C (+14 to +140°F) (higher or lower temperatures on demand)