Gas Processing Plants -


Gas Processing Plants

In the Gas Processing Plant & Gas Treatment field, Pietro Fiorentini offers a full range of services including know how basic design, engineering activities, project management  , procurement and supply of complete skid mounted units customized according to client specification including commissioning , start up and after sales activities for  on – shore and off-shore projects.

Pietro Fiorentini solutions:

Sulphur removal unit
High capacity H2S removal package with fixed bed technology
Liquid REDOX H2S removal package
IN-HOUSE designed and licensed technology according to customer specification
Systems will include: reactors, catalytic beds, adsorbers column, regeneration vessels, regeneration pumps, recycle pumps, filters, air blowers, chemical closing system and control panel.

Gas dehydration package - Glycol technology
Glycol technology using conventional TEG (Triethylene Glycol), DEG (Diethylene Glycol) and MEG (Monoethylene Glycol)
IN HOUSE designed according to customer specifications
Multi skid configuration including: glycol contractor, regeneration skids and chemical closing system.

Gas dehydration package - Fixed bed technology
Fixed bed technology using molecular sieves, alumina or silica gel, for water dew point to -160°C; in house technology according to customer specification.
Multi skid configuration including: adsorbers vessel , direct fired heater , regeneration compressor, air coolers, filters , coalescers and control systems.

Amine Gas Sweetening
Contaminants removed utilizing Amine Treating Unit (CO2 and H2S).
Amine treating plants remove H2S from natural gas.
Amine plant design is based on proven amine regeneration technology and licensed by proven technology.
Modular design including pumps , vessels , Reboilers , Heat Exchangers , Filtration , instrumentation.

Electrostatic Oil Dehydrators and Desalters
Electrostatic dehydration and desalter unit is an efficient method to remove high salinity formation water from crude oil.
Unit includes separators , coalescers , electrostatic desalter vessel , heating unit and water treatment.
The electrostatic desalter vessels will be equipped with the following internals:
Inlet distributor
Oil outlet collector
Electrode grids
Sandjetting System

Nitrogen generation - Membrane/PSA technology
Nitrogen generation package with membrane or PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorbtion) technology.
Pietro Fiorentini scope of supply includes: compressor, chiller unit, heater, coalescers, filters, membranes , absorber vessels and O2 analyzers complete skid mounted.

Power generation - Fuel gas system

Complete fuel gas conditioning system for power generation including:
ESD, K.O. drum, filter separators, heating, pressure and flow control, custody metering, controls and instrumentation.

Fiscal metering & odorizing systems

Fiscal metering for custody transfer systems including  turbine, ultrasonic, orifice and Coriolis technologies. Packages can be supplied complete of gas chromatograph and flow computer.
Odorizing systems including lapping and injection technologies.

Engineering capability
Pietro Fiorentini through its highly skilled structure is capable to answer each kind of request in terms of engineering and manufacturing capability as: project management , basic and detailed design , from feasibility study to conceptual design, procurement, construction and supervision management, HAZOP consultancy, commissioning and start-up operation assistance.