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Heat Consumption Meters

An exclusive distributorship contract was signed between Pietro Fiorentini and EESA s.r.o. in 2002.
The contract offered the possibility to Pietro Fiorentini to operate on the Italian market under its own brand with heatmeters and flowmeters, which became increasingly popular for billing measurements in both heating and cooling systems.

The needs for energy savings coupled with the necessity to better measure the energy consumption, as well as an increasing development in Italy of district heating, offered the young and dynamic staff of Pietro Fiorentini the opportunity to explore the team know how. The success of this collaboration is due to a perfect synergy between the two manufacturing companies, possessing a valid technical structure. As a matter of fact, Pietro Fiorentini not only commercializes its products, but it also offers an interface to its telecontrol systems, acquiring thus all the technical skills from EESA and implementing in Digit headquarters a testing station.