SSM-U4 Ultrasonic Smart Gas Meter
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SSM-U4 Ultrasonic Smart Gas Meter

A Modular design concept combined with the adoption of consolidated open standard protocols have been the key to success of Pietro Fiorentini’s smart meter portfolio, which includes point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication models easy to integrate with most common AMR/AMI/MDM solutions.

With the introduction of the Ultrasonic Measurement principle the unit has now reached a compact design unique in the class of static meters.
The SSM-U4 model has been designed to meet all the most recent requirements and in compliance with the existing international regulations. It is certified for the use with Natural Gas (2nd family - group H, L and E).

SSM-U4 Major Design Features

The meter design includes unique solutions in the treatment of dust and other contaminants as well as introduces the highest protection against tampering of the ultrasonic sensor. The meter can also mount a sensor to detect the dismantling of the unit.
An internal shut-off valve is included in the meter to provide contract management and pre-payment meter functionalities.
The meter has an integrated temperature sensor (immersed in the gas) to provide live calculation of the temperature compensated volume index (the base temperature for volume compensation is customizable).
Time-of-Use Tariff management with up to 3 daily tiers is available in the meter to profile end-user’s consumption.
The unit provides a large display with self-descriptive icons/symbols for easy interpretation of the menus. Menu navigation is accessible via the 3-button (soft rubber type) user interface.
The device is battery operated and it is designed to have a meter lifetime higher than 15 years.

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